Clarity Development

Know your desired direction to guide decision making, to maximize planning and strategy. These programs achieve this level of focus by inviting play, creativity and innovation. At the same time, these programs explore necessary boundaries that support continued growth.
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Inspired by the Element of Wood

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The Tree is the Archetype

Consider an oak tree and its early manifestation, the acorn. In the autumn, leaves and acorns fall to the earth and some acorns become buried. During the winter the acorn, the seed, lies dormant in the ground. In response to the increasing yang of warmth and light in springtime, the acorn begins to sprout. At this stage, the acorn has a plan within it. It is destined to be an oak or nothing at all. The young plant grows and encounters impediments such as rocks or nearby trees which frustrate it. It does not back off and consider giving up. It pushes upward but it is also prepared to change shape in order to maximize its growth.

We Begin Life With An Internal Map

People also begin life with an internal map or plan as to their capability and direction. They strive to become their own form of tree and they encounter obstacles and frustrations along the way. Depending upon the nature of their Wood, they may show flexibility in the face of these obstacles, thereby continuing to grow and develop. Alternatively they may have difficulty adapting and consequently become stuck. Like trees, people also require certain resources to fulfill their potential and they also require flexibility in order to adapt to changing circumstances. 
Excerpts from Five Element Constitutional Acupuncture by Angela Hicks, John Hicks & Peter Mole

Our Clarity Development Courses


Student Love 

"This was such a beautiful experience. I learned so much and it was nice to prep for a new season. Thank you Samm, I’m looking forward to trying out the items from the kit and integrating this practice into my routine." 🙏🏻
Karen S.
"I know that if it was not for me learning about Qigong Therapy I wouldn’t be where I am today, which is much healthier and I have gained mental clarity."
Tamika B.
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