Practitioner Certification in Medical Qigong (MQP)

This 200-hour Certificate program teaches students Medical Qigong exercises that are designed to heal the body, calm the mind, and connect with spirit. Students then go on to learn the foundational Medical Qigong qi emission protocols used to restore balance and remediate disharmony in clients.  As the program progresses, students learn advanced theories of energy purgation, tonification, regulation and cultivation, as well as advanced theories and protocols. 

Certification Requirements:

+ At-Home Practice, Reading Assignments, Cases & Write-Ups (48 Hours)
+ Clinic, Supervision and Final Exam (24 Hours)


Is this for me?
What does this involve?
What will I be able to do?
What are you policies?
What if I'm not sure if I want to be a practitioner?
This program progresses at a beautiful pace. We begin by focusing on your personal health, recognizing that our wellness is key to being a healer. Each training session provides you the space to decide if the next step is for you.
I'm interested in learning more about Qigong? Am I welcome?
Absolutely! MQP1 is a perfect starting place for an individual that is simply curious about what Medical Qigong has to offer to the wellness equation. 
How will I benefit personally from this program?
This program provides you with the tools to begin identifying the root causes that have now materialized into physical, mental and spiritual discomforts. This program is highly focused on personal healing and restoration through personal cultivation and the peer practice protocols you will receive in class. 
What does a typical day of training look like?
Our class days typically begin at 9 AM and end at 5PM. Each day includes a combination of lecture, in-class discussion, group exercises, demonstrations and practice protocols with peers. We typically have breaks every 2-hours, with a 90-minute lunch break around noon. 
Do I need to be in-person or is there a virtual option?
Our group training sessions are available for in-person learning only. Virtual is available for any student interested in pursuing independent study. Please contact the center directly to discuss this option. 
If I'm coming from out-of-town, where should I stay?
The HRart Center is located within minutes to several hotels. We recommend the following for accommodations: 
What can I do with the certification?
Upon receiving your certification, individuals will be able to do Medical Qigong energetic protocols for their own roster of clients. Individuals will also be able to facilitate basic Medical Qigong exercise classes. 
What are the requirements to get this certification?
The MQP is the first level of certification consisting of 200 hours. A Medical Qigong Practitioner Certification will be awarded after successful completion of:
  • Attendance of 4 classes (4 days x 8 hours each= 128 hours)
  • Clinic, supervision and final exam (3 days X 8 hours = 24 hours)
  • At-home practice, cases & write-ups (48 hours)
How much experience do I need to have with Qigong before beginning this program?
There are no prerequisites for this primary level certification. All are welcome.

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Meet Your Teacher,
Samm Smeltzer, MMQ

Samm Smeltzer is an HR Visionary and Medical Qigong Healer. In November 2021, she earned her Masters certification in Medical Qigong with Ted O’Brien at the East Coast Institute of Medical Qigong. As an HR Visionary, her decade-long pursuit of the missing elements for employee engagement within organizations led her down this path of merging Spirituality, Eastern Medicine and workplace wellness to create the potential for deep healing within our workplace cultures.

Samm is the founder of The HRart Center, a center devoted to corporate wellness and growth. As a Medical Qigong Therapist, Samm’s clients come from a range of different backgrounds, but she specializes in healing stress and burnout for professionals as well as coaching them back to their Connected Path. The HRart Center’s ultimate mission is to train HR professionals to become HR healers so they can heal their own workplaces. This is the workplace revolution we need.

She is currently pursuing her doctoral certificate in Medical Qigong at the 3 Treasures School of Medical Qigong studying under Lisa VanOstrand.
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