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Finally let go of the past, find a way to stop the constant revisiting of what has already happened and cannot be changed. These programs guide you in the art of letting go while retaining the wisdom of your life experiences. Your experiences are the most powerful teachers. It's time to engage in reflection to reveal all the knowledge you have within.
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Inspired by the Element of Metal

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Metals Have Always Been Valuable

For centuries, gold has been regarded as the most precious metal. Its scarcity is one reason for its value. Buried within each of us there is something scarce, hard to find and at the same time very valuable.

Metal Revitalizes the Earth

In autumn, leaves and fruits fall off the trees and fall to the ground. They rot and enter the earth, providing minerals and nutrients that nourish and enrich the earth's capacity to grow new plants. Today, we are increasingly aware of the dangers of industrialized farming where we attempt to accelerate the natural process. Metal provides the quality for the earth. 
Excerpts from Five Element Constitutional Acupuncture by Angela Hicks, John Hicks & Peter Mole

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Student Love 

"This was such a beautiful experience. I learned so much and it was nice to prep for a new season. Thank you Samm, I’m looking forward to trying out the items from the kit and integrating this practice into my routine." 🙏🏻
Karen S.
"I know that if it was not for me learning about Qigong Therapy I wouldn’t be where I am today, which is much healthier and I have gained mental clarity."
Tamika B.
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