"Where there is free flow, no pain.
Where there is pain, no free flow."
The Yellow Emperor's Classic Internal Medicine 
When your energy is out of balance it is unable to flow freely. This is when we begin to personally experience disharmony. This pain and suffering manifests at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

In these short video lessons, you'll learn about the nine most common energetic imbalances we see while doing our healing work. These patterns have been identified while working with clients like yourself, busy professionals that find themselves stuck and burnt out. This free video series will give you an understanding of what is occurring beneath the surface energetically.  

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Begin your journey here. The Initial Visit (60-Minutes) includes an energetic assessment, which allows your Workplace Energy Expert to evaluate your current energy levels, blockages, and concerns.

Together, custom design a 4-month Care Plan that will address your physical, emotional, spiritual, or life-wide concerns using one or more of our different offerings; including Coaching, Medical Qigong, or one of our Educational Programs. 

If you are interested in adding Qigong to your care plan, you will get time to experience it during your Initial Visit.
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