Online Classes

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Vision Fest is an online experience of intuitive creation, crafting Connected Canvases to guide your path to personal and professional fulfillment.
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Elevate your energy awareness with Samm in this Free Feeling Energy Course, using Qigong exercises to connect deeply with and protect your internal energy.

Join Our Online Qigong Community

Crafted around the principles of Medical Qigong prescriptions, our guided meditations and exercises are tailored to empower you to let go of old emotions, rebuild your energy reserves, and achieve a sense of balance in your work and life at last. Welcome to our online Qigong community, where healing isn’t just an individual journey, but a collective experience.

Qigong Community Cultivation Class

This is a beginner-friendly virtual Qigong exercise class. These slow fluid movements facilitate healing by balancing an individual’s energy or electromagnetic field with the overall goal to correct energetic imbalances and blockages. This enables the body to strengthen and regulate the internal organs, nervous system, and immune system. Qigong stimulates the release of deep-seated emotions and stress, and generally results in a relaxed and calm state.

Morning Yin Yoga and
Qigong Meditation Class

This 60-minute fusion class seamlessly blends the ancient practices of Qigong and Yin Yoga. Explore the profound essence of stillness as you engage in gentle Qigong movements, guided meditation, and luxurious Yin Yoga stretches. Nurture your energy, release tension, and discover the transformative power of inner harmony.

Qigong Healing Sounds Class

Healing Sounds are a powerful tool for releasing stuck emotions within specific parts of your body. This is a form of sound healing that uses different vibrations and sounds to heal the body, mind, and spirit. Together as a group, we’ll explore the unique sounds associated with different organs in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Virtual HR Classes

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Unlock the power of playful strategies in social media recruitment with our course, guiding you through creative approaches on Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok to revolutionize your hiring process.
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Explore the significance of incorporating neuroscience into cultural onboarding, addressing the impact of fear on onboarding, culture, and retention, ultimately fostering a more informed and effective approach to talent management. Listen and earn Free SHRM PDCs. 
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