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Embark on a transformative journey as you create your personalized Connected Canvas in our exclusive Vision Fest experience!

Guided by our unique process, this course empowers you to tap into your innate intuition, crafting a beautiful tool to accompany you throughout the year. Far from the typical vision board class, Vision Fest is designed for those seeking a deeper dive into self-discovery. It's not about declaring aspirations; it's a captivating listening process, unveiling the cosmic forces already shaping your path.

Join us for an immersive experience that transcends time, allowing you to initiate a journey of personal growth and manifestation. Don't miss out on the opportunity to uncover the extraordinary.

The Connected Canvas – Your Manifestation Map for Thriving in Life and Work

Crafted with intention, the Connected Canvas is a potent manifestation tool designed to empower you on your Connected Path, where personal and professional thriving intersect. Hang this panel in your office or home for a daily reminder meticulously created through an intuitive process. This unique canvas serves as an annual map, adorned with the Universe's signs, guiding you towards your true purpose and passion. Embrace the transformative power of your Connected Canvas as you navigate the path to fulfillment and success.
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What to Expect from Vision Fest Online

Embrace the flexibility of our asynchronous course, allowing you to engage with Vision Fest at your own pace, fostering a personalized and stress-free journey of self-discovery and creativity.

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In this virtual exploration, anticipate identifying and visually representing your Connected Path, creating a meaningful piece of art that serves as a daily reminder. 

Rejuvenate and re-energize as you dedicate time and space to focus on yourself.

Gain clarity on your thoughts, feelings, wants, and needs, propelling you in the right direction.

Join us online for an immersive experience that transcends boundaries, providing you with tools to navigate your journey of self-discovery and intuition.

The Vision Fest Dream Team

Samm Smeltzer

Doctor of Medical Qigong

Steph Holmes

Teaching Artist

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