Using Play to Create a Social Media Recruitment Strategy

Does the fact that social media has become the arena where recruitment happens make you freeze up?

This 9-week online course will have you using play techniques to develop an effective and authentic recruitment strategy in the realms of Instagram, LinkedIn, and yes - even TikTok!
What is the most vibrant way in which you can do your work so you can recruit the right people? Working using a play mentality is when you'll finally be effective in sharing your employment brand with the people who actually fit in your culture.
Jeff Harry, Course Facilitator

Why Social Media for Recruitment?

Here's a couple of quick stats to consider...
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What's Included

Join now and you'll have immediate access to the first five video lessons to build the foundation for your new Organizational Recruitment Strategy.  

Each week following you'll unlock new play experiments, prompts and guidance so you can strategically experiment with each of the three social media platforms.

The Learner Discussion Forum gives you access to  your facilitators as well as the ability to view other play experiments submitted by your peers and share your thoughts and ideas with the community.


Video Lessons with everything to start evaluating and evolving your Recruitment Strategy


Play Experiments to
begin creating a new approach to Recruitment


Facilitators to support you along the way that you can engage with throughout in our Discussion Forum

Here is What We Will Cover in This Course

Evaluate Your Current Plan

This evaluation process is the key to getting strategic and amping up your hiring process so you can find the right people to work for your organization.

Identifying Specific Strategies Using Play

Developing a play mindset is the cure for the perfectionism that has been stopping your from moving forward in your recruitment attempts.

Instagram & Content Creation

What do you actually post in order to lead to new recruits?

Collecting Data to Support Your Budget

There are three key metrics that can be a game-changer when you're looking to support your new Social Media Recruitment Strategy.

TikTok & Your Outreach Strategy

How do you find your community on a platform with over 900 million users? 

Using LinkedIn for Community Cultivation

How do you create a community without sounding like a bot and have it work for your recruitment strategy?

Meet Your Facilitators

Jeff Harry

Rediscover Your Play
Jeff Harry combines positive psychology and play to heal workplaces, help teams build psychological safety and assist individuals in addressing their biggest challenges by embracing a play-oriented approach to work.  Jeff was selected by BambooHR & Engagedly as one of the Top 100 HR Influencers and has been featured in the NY Times, Mashable, Upworthy, Huffpost, Shondaland, & Wired.  Jeff has worked with Google, Microsoft, Southwest Airlines, Adobe, the NFL, Amazon, and Facebook, helping their staff to infuse more play into the day-to-day.  Over the past 15 years of facilitation and speaking, Jeff’s main goal has been to help work suck less by assisting leaders in building a playground workplace atmosphere that motivates their staff to do their most vibrant work.
Patrick Jones - Course author
Patrick Jones - Course author

Samm Smeltzer

Founder + HR Healer, The HRart Center
Samm has playfully been referred to as the “Unicorn”, this comes from her eternal optimism for the possibilities of what the workplace could be. As an HR Visionary, Samm has spent the last decade passionately pursuing the missing elements for employee engagement within organizations. This path has primarily led her to studies in Spirituality and Eastern Medicine, and now as a certified Medical Qigong Therapist, Samm brings holistic wellness into workplaces to heal disengagement. Professional purpose, passion and energetic health are all essential elements to building a healthy workplace culture. Samm’s experience combined with her desire to create workplaces with thriving employees resulted in the creation of the HRart Center, as well as the completion of her latest book Workplace Healers.
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