Passion Development

Tap into your purpose and open up to possibility. Then develop how to sustain this passion by establishing balance. These programs teach us how to cultivate a love for our work that doesn't sacrifice ourselves in the process. This is where you will discover how excessive passion is often the greatest source of our imbalances.
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Inspired by the Element of Fire

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The Heart of the Home

People would gather around fires as a source of heat and social contact would result. The hearth is the symbolic heart of the home in all cultures.

The Sun 

The sun is clearly Fire in nature. People are totally dependent on the sun for warmth and even minor variations in temperature can have catastrophic effects (too much sun and too little rain).

Manifests in Joyful Contact

To be with others, sharing and communicating, generates and maintains the Fire within us. The pleasure in having satisfying human contact both nourishes Fire and is made possible by the Fire being balanced.

The Right Temperature

Everyone has an acceptable range and as they go beyond that range their performance deteriorates. Personal range of temperature is often widest when people are young. 

Our Passion Development Courses

Student Love 

"This was such a beautiful experience. I learned so much and it was nice to prep for a new season. Thank you Samm, I’m looking forward to trying out the items from the kit and integrating this practice into my routine." 🙏🏻
Karen S.
"I know that if it was not for me learning about Qigong Therapy I wouldn’t be where I am today, which is much healthier and I have gained mental clarity."
Tamika B.
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