Energy Care 101

Learn how to heal your body, calm your mind and reconnect with your spirit using Medical Qigong.

Your Energetic Well-Being no longer needs to be a mystery. Discover the foundational, 5,000 year old ancient wisdom that reveals exactly how to care for this powerful intangible asset. 

What is Qigong?

Medical Qigong is an ancient form of Chinese Energetic Medicine. It facilitates healing by balancing an individual's energy or electromagnetic field. 

The goal of Qigong is to correct energetic imbalances and blockages. This enables the body to strengthen and regulate the internal organs, nervous system, and immune system. Qigong also enables the release of deep-seated emotions and stress. 

Together We Will Learn

Introduction to Energetic Anatomy and Physiology

Explore the energetic pathways that flow through the body. Learn about the Yin and Yang Organ pairings and their significance in caring for our personal well-being.

Foundational Exercises to Clear, Contain, Cultivate and Circulate Energy

Practice exercises that can be used to care for your energy. Learn how to clean your energetic channels, how to invite new energy into the body, and how to settle chaotic energy.

Meditations to Strengthen Your Protective Energy Field

Tap into using Meditation for protection. Learn to establish boundaries that are effective and easy to maintain.  

Experience the Power of Rest for Restoration

Observe the results for yourself, a ritual of rest is embedded within this program. See how you feel personally after class to determine if a ritual may serve you in the future. 

After Energy Care 101, you'll be able to: 

Identify Your Three Energetic Bodies

According to Chinese Energetic Physiology, you have three important energy centers. These three centers are called the Three Dantians and they each store collected energy that needs attention. 

Locate Your Energetic Meridians

Inside our body, there are 12 Energetic Channels that flow like rivers into pools. These pools are the energetic essence of the Organs that correspond to these channels. It is the make up of channels and organs that creates a road map for a deeper awareness of our personal energetic needs. 

Design a Personal Qigong Workout

From breath work to movement, you'll learn how to use a workout to care for your energy. You'll be equipped with a series of exercises that you can use to clear your energy, obtain more energy and calm your energy. 

Explain Energy Care Basics

No matter which Medical Qigong system is being practiced, the first task will always be to remove the energy that does not serve us from the body. Then we can fill any energetically deficient organs and regulate to find inner balance. 
In addition, Energy Care 101 is the equivalent to P1: Introduction to Medical Qigong Theory in our Practitioner Certification in Medical Qigong. Upon completion of this training, you will be invited to continue your learning and consider applying for this training program. 

Find a Learning Format that Fits Your Needs

4-Day Weekend
Friday through Monday

Make the time and commit to your personal well-being for a 4-Day Weekend immersed in this experience.

This is offered in-person only and is a true retreat-like learning experience for participants.

Sessions 1 & 2
Dec 8-11

Online for 8-Weeks with 
Weekly 2-hour Classes

The 8-weeks are divided into two separate 4-week sessions. We meet once a week during these online sessions for 2-hours in the evening. 

Session 1: Introduction to Energetic Anatomy and Physiology
May 30-June 20 Tuesday Evenings

Session 2: Introduction to Energy Exercises and Meditations 
Aug 1-22 Tuesday Evenings

Saturdays and Sundays

This is a mini immersive experience that is offered in-person only and is divided into two weekend sessions. 

Session 1: Introduction to Energetic Anatomy and Physiology
Apr 22-23
Aug 5-6

Session 2: Introduction to Energy Exercises and Meditations
May 13-14
Aug 19-20

Spend A Long Weekend With Us

Join Us Online on Tuesday Evenings

Or Select 2 Weekends And Join Us In-Person

Meet Your Teacher
Samm Smeltzer, MMQ

Samm Smeltzer is an HR Visionary and Medical Qigong Healer. In November 2021, she earned her Masters certification in Medical Qigong with Ted O’Brien at the East Coast Institute of Medical Qigong. As an HR Visionary, her decade-long pursuit of the missing elements for employee engagement within organizations led her down this path of merging Spirituality, Eastern Medicine and workplace wellness to create the potential for deep healing within our workplace cultures.

Samm is the founder of The HRart Center, a center devoted to corporate wellness and growth. As a Medical Qigong Therapist, Samm’s clients come from a range of different backgrounds, but she specializes in healing stress and burnout for professionals as well as coaching them back to their Connected Path. The HRart Center’s ultimate mission is to train HR professionals to become HR healers so they can heal their own workplaces. This is the workplace revolution we need.

She is currently pursuing her doctoral certificate in Medical Qigong at the 3 Treasures School of Medical Qigong studying under Lisa VanOstrand.
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